Grass Court Tennis Shoes

If you play tennis on a grass court, it’s important to find a supportive and grippy pair of tennis shoes that will boost your on-field performance. In fact, with potentially moist conditions and jam-packed action, a solid shoe is essential to maintaining safety and stability. 

If you’ve ever played grass court tennis in regular sneakers, you probably already know how sore and miserable your feet can feel after wearing the wrong footwear. If you want to avoid a trip to the podiatrist, consider investing in a quality pair of grass court shoes.

Not only will quality kicks help you achieve new heights as an athlete, but they’ll have you looking fresh on and off the court.

What are the Best Grass Tennis Shoes in 2020?

We’ve compiled a list of the top three grass court tennis shoes so that you finally show the competition how real serves and volleys are done!


1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 – Most Supportive Grass Tennis Shoes (Editor’s Choice)

Yet another mainstay for grass court players, Asics Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes boast low-cut ankles with snug-fitting Flexion uppers. The shoe hugs the foot at every angle, offering unrelenting support and comfort without compromising flexibility.

What’s more, these shoes are backed by gender-specific midsoles, offering some of the most tailor-made ergonomics on the market.

Outdoor Ready

An external heel counter and proprietary PGuard Toe Protector fight back against abrasions. Meanwhile, chunky rubber soles with cross sections of herringbone tread give players added stability with every step.

While grass courts are somewhat forgiving, rear and front Gel cushions help eliminate the shock of harsh landings and repetitive motions.

  • Gel cushioning system
  • Toe and heel reinforcement
  • Tight yet nonrestrictive fit
  • Synthetic uppers
  • Shallow herringbone tread
  • Flexible and supportive
  • Pricey
  • Limited colorways


2. Nike Men’s Court Lite – Top Grass Court Tennis Shoes (People’s Choice)

Nike’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes are one of the company’s top-selling grass court footwear options. These low-cut sneaks boast thick ergonomic soles with reinforced yet flexible synthetic uppers.

Meanwhile, a breathable layer of mesh ensures that moisture can work its way out during even the most intensive outdoor sessions.

Comfort and Durability

The Nike grass court tennis shoe is reinforced in all the right places. It has an added layer of abrasion-resistant material in both the toe area and heel.

What’s more, heel-to-toe phylon midsoles make for cushiony shock absorption during hard serves and volleys. On top of that, the shoes water-resistant exterior is super easy to clean.

  • Low price point
  • Reinforced toe box
  • Abrasion-resistant synthetic uppers
  • Mesh liner
  • Cushiony phylon midsoles
  • Shallow herringbone rubber sole
  • Modest design
  • Heavy


3. Adidas Men’s Approach – Best Tennis Shoes for Grass Court

These low-cut Adidas sneakers were originally released in 2018. Yet, they’ve continuously won over the hearts of grass court players thanks to their thick non-slip herringbone rubber soles and padded synthetic uppers.

Of course, Adidas’s signature padded heel patch and triple striped uppers make them super popular as street shoes too.

Performance Boosters

Inside the Approach, a dense Adiprene cushion helps prop up a player’s forefoot, while a thick EVA midsole provides heel-to-toe cushioning.

The uppers are padded and thick, though they provide a tight fit for enhanced stability. Meanwhile, the flat, shallow herringbone rubber soles provide a generous lockdown without collecting clumps of grass and dirt. What’s more, the toes area is reinforced with abrasion-resistant Adituff, one of Adidas’s proprietary hard-wear athletic material.

  • Adituff toe reinforcement
  • EVA midsoles
  • Breathable mesh and synthetic uppers
  • Adiwear outsole
  • Shallow herringbone tread
  • Signature heel cuff and stripes
  • Tight


How to Choose Grass Court Tennis Shoes – Buyer’s Guide

grass tennis shoesIt’s important to choose your tennis shoes based on the type of court you play on. When it comes to grass courts, a serve-and-volley style of playing requires rapid foot movements and hard landings.

When this is combined with moderately moist and sometimes unpredictable outdoor conditions, a grippy yet flat shoe with flexible wear-resistant uppers is exactly what a player needs. Curious as to what exactly that means? Read along to discover the elements that go into making the perfect grass court tennis shoes!


How to Choose Best Grass Court Tennis Shoes - OutsolesA grass court tennis shoe needs to be grippy enough to prevent a player from slipping, yet flat enough that it won’t tear up the court.

Anything remotely cleat-like is out of the question, leaving shallow herringbone and cross-directional treads as the leaders in this category.

Finally, when it comes to quality outdoor outsoles, rubber is the number one material.


Competitive serve-and-volley players make fast moves, abrupt turns, and hard landings. For all this, a thickly cushioned midsole is an absolute necessity.

As always, we recommend dense EVA or gel padding that provides exceptional coverage in the heel and toe areas.


Outdoor shoes need plenty of fortification. Yet, grass court players also need to maintain their flexibility for fast angled plays. As such, we recommend thick synthetic uppers that are similar to the ones on most basketball or running shoes. Of course, be on the lookout for mesh panels and circulation holes that can successfully channel out moisture and heat.


ConclusionIf you’re torn between a few different pairs of grass court tennis choose, we suggest you go with the Adidas Approach.

While these were initially released in 2018, they have continuously won fans over with their durable synthetic uppers and cushioned soles.

Their stylish exterior has even earned them a place as street wear. Though, in our option, pavement fails to bring out their incredible athletic prowess!

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  1. Avatar logan says:

    Can I wear these sneakers off the court as casual wear?

    • Avatar admin says:

      Absolutely, they are very comfortable and stylish and would look great for running errands. I also recommend them for trips to the park, zoo, or anywhere you might be on your feet all day.

  2. Avatar liam says:

    Is the Asics Gel-Resolution worth the extra money?

    • Avatar admin says:

      I would have to say that I’ve heard great things about Asics Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes. The gel is very comfortable and great for absorbing shock so your knees are better protected. Plus the white color matches every outfit or you can pick a bold red which I’ve noticed is very trendy right now.

  3. Avatar Ava says:

    How do you remove grass stains if anything gets on the sneakers?

    • Avatar admin says:

      Since you will be playing on a grass court this might be a likely scenario. To take care of your sneakers I would recommend using some warm soapy water and an old toothbrush to clean the area and then letting it air dry. Stain remover also works great in my experience for grass stains on white sneakers used in combination with the soap application.

  4. Avatar Grace says:

    Can I use these on all courts while playing tennis?

    • Avatar admin says:

      Yes, if you play on hard courts or grass courts these shoes will definitely be an asset. You won’t have to worry about having multiple shoes which will in turn save you money and space.

  5. Avatar Addison says:

    How often should I replace my shoes?

    • Avatar admin says:

      This definitely will reflect on how often you use them. You will have about 45-60 hours before the midsole is worn out. So if you play once a week for an hour, you should be replacing your shoes at least once a year.

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